Explore UNT's Health Career Paths

UNT offers several paths to becoming a health professional. Not only do we offer degrees that prepare students for health careers, but we also offer pre-professional advising to students pursuing professional schooling after graduating from UNT; professional schools include medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc. Click on a link below to further explore how we can help you become a health care professional!

Explore Your Interests, Discover Your Passion

Not sure which health career is right for you? Concerned that a career in health care is not even a good fit for your future? That's okay! The first step to finding your professional purpose in life is to explore YOU. Do not approach potential careers solely based on others' expectations or the amount of money you will earn. Take time to explore your interests, strengths, gifts, weaknesses, fears, and personal challenges. There is only one 'YOU' out there, and you are a unique combination of characteristics and experiences. Allow those characteristics and experiences to fuel your role in health care or another field.

At UNT, we offer various services, resources, and advising that can help you explore your interests and ultimately discover your passion.  

Health Care-Related Resources

ExploreHealthCareers.org: This website allows you to explore all different careers in the health care field. Not only will you learn about different jobs, but you will also discover the education that is required, the future outlook on each profession, and the expected salary that can be earned.

Office of Health Professions: UNT offers advising for the pre-professional pathways, in addition to helping students explore different health care careers.  The Office of Health Professions also provides professional development opportunities, such as mock interview preparation, personal statement review, application seminars, and more!

Department Academic Advising: Each degree program listed above has an advising team who can provide more information about the field of interest, as well as a plan to complete degree requirements. 

General Career Exploration

Career Center: Located in Chestnut Hall, UNT's Career Center helps students explore different career options, regardless of field or industry. Not only does the Career Center help identify potential careers and prescribe relevant majors to our students, but it also provides professional development opportunities, such as advising, workshops, general mock interviews, career fairs, networking events, and more!

Counseling and Testing Services: In addition to providing mental health counseling to our students, the Counseling and Testing Services office also provides Career/Vocational Counseling. A career assessment and evaluation of results help our students identify possible careers that best fit their interests and strengths. 

Advising Services: In need of some advice about switching majors or exploring the best pathway into another major? Advising Services in the Academic Success Center can help you explore different degree programs offered at UNT and help you understand how your earned credit can fit within those degrees. If you are questioning your current career path, don't panic! Advising Services can help you develop a plan of action and point you in the right direction. Their office is located in Sage Hall, Suite 110 and they can be contacted at UNTAdvising@unt.edu or 940-565-3633. 

Explore What it Takes to Succeed

At UNT, our primary mission is to see our eagles soar. Preparing for a career in health care is tedious, competitive, and requires a plan, but is certainly not an impossible task. Health care is fueled by people asking for help. As such, you need to get in the habit of asking for help yourself. We are that help! 

Here are some of the many topics you will see on each of our health career pages:


If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction!