Rehabilitation Studies

Rehabilitation Studies

The College of Health and Public Service offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in Rehabilitation and Addiction Studies. If you have a passion for helping individuals overcome mental health obstacles and substance abuse disorders, our faculty and staff can equip you with the necessary education and tools to achieve your professional dream. 

Programs in Rehabilitation Studies at UNT 

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Addiction Studies
Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Rehabilitation Studies
Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Rehabilitation Studies with Grad Track to a Master in Science, M.S., of Rehabilitation Studies
Minor in Addiction Studies
Minor in Applied Gerontology
Minor in Rehabilitation Studies

Graduate Programs

Master of Science, M.S., in Rehabilitation Counseling
Master of Science, M.S., in Health Services Administration, Rehabilitation Services Concentration

Note: Students can select from three other concentrations to complete the M.S. in Health Services Administration. The other three concentrations include Applied Gerontology, Health Data Analytics, and Health Informatics.

Academic Certificate Programs

Certificate in Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Certificate in Rehabilitation Studies 
Applied Gerontology Certificate 
Graduate Specialist in Aging Certificate

Post-Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation Counseling


What can I do with a Rehabilitation Studies degree?

Rehabilitation professionals work in several different settings. Here are a few examples:

  • Addiction Treatment Centers
  • Disability Accommodation Programs at Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Clinics, Treating Individuals with Head Injuries
  • Independent Living and Community Programs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mental Health Centers
  • State and Federal Rehabilitation Programs
  • Probation and Parole Offices
  • Veteran Affairs Centers

Timeline: What courses do I need for Rehabilitation Studies?

These samples will provide you a map of the traditional four-year plan for the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Studies and the two/three year plan for the Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Where can I find more information about Rehabilitation Studies at UNT?

Our undergraduate and graduate handbooks will provide you a detailed look at majoring in Rehabilitations Studies.

What services are offered within the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services?

At UNT, we offer rehabilitation programs that not only serve our students, but also the community. 

  • UNTWELL Clinic provides on-campus counseling, vocational, and adjunctive therapy to students and community members.
  • UNTWISE provides training to vocational rehabilitation practitioners, Employment Service Providers (ESP), and organizations serving individuals with disabilities. 
  • The Collegiate Recovery Program provides an easier and meaningful transition to college for UNT students currently in recovery. 

Are there any scholarships available for Rehabilitation Studies majors?

Yes! This webpage will provide a list of all eleven scholarships available to Rehabilitation Studies majors. 

Who can help me create a plan for this career path?

If you are a current or prospective student, please visit, to schedule an appointment. For more information about our programs, please contact one of our staff.

Rod Streng, Ph.D., Senior Academic Advisor

Bradley McDaniels, Ph.D., CRC, Director of Rehabilitation Programs

Denise Catalano, Ph.D., CRC, Graduate Coordinator