Counseling, Mental Rehabilitation Program at UNT

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The University of North Texas offers graduate programs in counseling that prepare students for the following career settings.

  • Mental Health Centers
  • Private Counseling Agencies
  • Drug Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Centers for Counseling Older Adults
  • Child Protective Services
  • Child Counseling Clinics
  • Family Counseling Centers
  • Pastoral Counseling Settings
  • Private Practice
  • Business and Industry
  • Elementary School Counseling
  • Secondary School Counseling
  • Counselor Education & Supervision

Programs in Counseling at UNT

Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Counseling

Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Rehabilitation Studies

Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Rehabilitation Studies with Grad Track to a Master in Science, M.S., of Rehabilitation Counseling

Graduate Programs

Master of Education, M.Ed., in Counseling with a concentration in K-12 School Counseling

Master of Science, M.S., in Counseling, with concentrations in Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling, or Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Master of Science, M.S., in Rehabilitation Counseling 

Doctorate, Ph.D., in Counseling


Do I need a bachelor's degree or minor in counseling to meet admission requirements for the master's degree program?

No, a bachelor's degree or minor in counseling is not required for admission to the master's programs in counseling. 

Do I need a master's degree in counseling to meet admission requirements for the doctoral program in counseling?

Yes, a master's degree in counseling is required to apply to the doctoral counseling program.

Are UNT's counseling programs accredited?

Yes, all graduate programs have been accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Does UNT offer any counseling clinics and centers on campus?

Yes! Our UNT Denton campus is known for it's unique counseling programs that not only serve the Denton community, but also train our graduate students for the counseling profession, including different specialities. Here is a list of clinics and centers on campus.

Center for Play Therapy (CPT)

Child and Family Resource Clinic

Consortium for Animal Assisted Therapy 

Counseling and Human Development Center

How do I apply to the master's and doctoral programs in counseling?

Below you will find a complete list of application instructions for both the master's and doctoral programs in counseling.

Master's Program Admission

Doctoral Program Admission

Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling

What scholarships are available to students pursuing a degree in counseling?

The College of Education offers several scholarships for which students can apply. This webpage will provide you more information about these scholarships, as well as scholarships offered by the Counseling and Higher Education Scholarship Committee.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of Counseling and Higher Education
940-565-2910 | | Information Form 

College of Health and Public Service
Information for a Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling
940-565-4115 | Chilton Hall, Suite 289