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Community Health Program at UNT
The need for public health professionals in the workforce has been increasing. In 2003, a report by the Institute of Medicine called for undergraduate education in Public Health. To emphasize this need, The Washington Post published an article in 2008 titled "For a Global Generation, Public Health is a Hot Field" (Brown, 2008). Likewise, one of the Healthy People 2020 objectives is to increase the proportion of 4-year colleges and universities that offer a major or minor in Public Health (, 2018).

Public Health is indeed a 'hot field' that provides students with the knowledge and skills to promote health and prevent diseases in communities, and it draws knowledge from the social, behavioral, and health sciences. Graduates have a wide array of professional options. Not only can they work for organizations in the public and private sectors, including insurance companies, foundations, and think tanks, but they can also continue with graduate school education for advanced degrees in Public Health.

Programs in Public Health at UNT

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Public Health
Certificate in Public Health and GIS


What can I do with an undergraduate and/or graduate degree in Public Health?

There are several different career options for students pursuing a degree in Public Health. Here are some common career categories (PublicHealth, 2018): 

  • Biostatistics and Informatics
  • Communications
  • Community Health
  • Education
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Health
  • Epidemiology and Research
  • Global Health 
  • Medical Practice
  • Mental Health
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Social and Behavioral Science

To further explore each category and the types of jobs that are available, please visit

Timeline: What courses do I need for the Bachelor of Science in Public Health?

To complete major requirements for the B.S. in Public Health, students must fulfill the following areas:

  • 39 Hours of Public Health Core
  • 9 Hours of Public Health Electives

The following documents will help you create the most efficient path towards your Public Health degree:

Planning Sheet-Effective Fall 2019

Four Year Plan-Effective Fall 2019

Are there any scholarships available to Public Health majors?

Yes! The College of Health & Public Service offers several scholarships to their students. However, as of right now, Public Health majors only qualify for general scholarships within the department. To learn more, please click on the following link and review the scholarships listed under the 'College of Health & Public Service' section.

Who can help me create a plan for this career path?

If you are a current or prospective student, please visit, to schedule an appointment. For more information about our programs, please contact our advisor in the College of Health and Public Service.

Azzama Alia, Academic Counselor

Ami Moore, Ph.D., MPH, CPH, Undergraduate Coordinator 


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