Behavior Analysis

Behavioral Analysis
Behavior Analysis is a natural science that studies the effects of the environment on the behavior of individuals. Its principles are universal. They can be applied with any population, including children with autism, people with developmental disabilities, parents and children, pet owners, college students, healthcare providers, athletes, employees, and CEOs. 

UNT is known for it's impact on the Behavior Analysis field. Not only was our Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis the first in the nation, but our Master of Science was also the first American graduate program to be accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis. For more information about our unique program, please visit our Department of Behavior Analysis webpage.

Programs in Behavior Analysis at UNT

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Applied Behavior Analysis
Minor in Behavior Analysis

Graduate Programs

Master of Science, M.S., in Behavior Analysis
Doctorate, Ph.D., in Behavior Science


What can I do with a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis?

Degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis can prepare individuals for several different careers. Though some will require a graduate level education, here is a list of potential career areas within Behavior Analysis (AppliedBehaviorAnalysisEdu, 2018):

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD
  • Organizational Behavior Management
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Behavioral Gerontology
  • Special Education
  • Animal Training
  • Language Development
  • Mental Health

For more information on each area, please visit

What research opportunities do you offer?

UNT provides labs for students to conduct research in the Behavior Analysis field. Below you will find a wide range of opportunities. Please visit our 'Research Opportunities' webpage for a complete description of each lab:

  • Social Justice Lab
  • Behavioral Analysis Resource Center
  • Easter Seals North Texas Autism Programs
  • Little Learner Lab
  • Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals
  • Constructional Life Design
  • Strategies and Tactics in Application, Research, and Treatment, START Lab
  • Behavior Analysis and Cognition, STIMULUS CONTROL Lab
  • Teaching Sciences Lab
  • Neuroplasticity and Repertoire Restoration Lab
  • Neurobehavioral Lab
  • Cultural Selection Lab
  • Skill-Acquisition Interventions Lab, SAIL

How can I complete my Bachelor's in Behavior Analysis in four years?

This plan will provide you a roadmap for completing the Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis in four years. This planning sheet will also help you keep track of all degree requirements. 

Are there any scholarships available for Behavior Analysis majors?

Yes! This webpage will list all scholarships available in the College of Health and Public Service. Be sure to review the links below the Behavior Analysis category.

Who can help me create a plan for this career path?

If you are a current student at UNT, please visit to schedule an appointment. If you are a prospective student and would like more information about our Behavior Analysis programs, please call 940-565-2274 or you can contact our advisors directly.

Undergraduate Advising for Behavior Analysis
Liz Perez, Academic Advisor

Graduate Advising for Behavior Analysis
Karen Toussaint, Ph.D., BCBA-D 
Assistant Professor


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